Esa Pietilä

Esa Pietilä (photo: Heikki Westerholm)

born 1964, Finland

Pietilä has been performing with various groups at Umeå Jazz Festival (Sweden), Pori Jazz Festival (Finland), Paris, Reykjavik, Graz & Leibniz (Austria), London, New Orleans, Miami, Australia, New Zeeland etc. His collaborators include Anders Bergcrantz (Sweden), Ron McClure (USA), Mike Nock (USA/Australia), Kjertan Valdemarsson (Iceland), Roland Wesp (Austria), Carla Bley (USA), Maria Schneider (USA), Odean Pope (USA), Jimmy Knepper (USA), Erling Kroner (Denmark), Espoo Big Band (Finland), Umo Jazz Orchestra (Finland) etc.

Some of his latest engagements were visits as a quest soloist with local groups in Iceland and Austria, and with Odean Pope (USA) saxophone choir at the Pori Jazz Festival 2002.

Pietilä has gained a lot of recognition lately as composer on the field of modern Finnish jazz. On June 2002 he was one of the composers for a concert organized by IASJ (International Association of Schools for Jazz) meeting held in Helsinki, with world-wide known David Liebman (saxophone, USA) as the soloist.

See Esa Pietilä's homepage for more information.

Selected recordings