Fiasko Records

Ilmari Pohjola

born 1979, Finland


Ilmari Pohjola used to play in the horn section of the Finnish chart-topping pop group Ultra Bra, which released several Top 10 albums before the band decided to quit in October 2001. An alternative side to his trombone playing can be heard with Gourmet, in which he has played from the beginning. Even more alternative side to his playing, however, can be heard with the 5-piece rock outfit Silvio, where he is handling the duties of lead singer.

Selected recordings

with Gourmet (on Fiasko Records):

  • Pohjolan Ilmari: Enkä mä rakasta ketään (Johanna/Pyramid)

with other artists:

  • Silvio: Amass All You Can (2005, Siamese Sounds)
  • Silvio: EP (2004, Texicalli)
  • Ultra Bra: Sinä päivänä kun synnyin (2001, Pyramid)
  • Pekka Pohjola: Views (2001, Pohjola PELPCD 14)
  • Ultra Bra: Vesireittejä (2000, Pyramid)
  • Ultra Bra: Kalifornia (1999, Pyramid)
  • Ultra Bra: Kroketti (1997, Pyramid)
  • Ultra Bra: Vapaaherran elämää (1996, Pyramid 1000 230782)