Antti Sunell

born 1970, Kajaani, Finland



Since 1995 Sunell has studied and developed possibilities of acoustic guitars. This music is mostly improvised solo performances. Improvisations feature special tunings and influences of 20th century art music and outer European music, arab and hindustani (North Indian) music for example.

Antti Sunell has studied jazz guitar at Jyväskylä Music Institute. He has also a formal education at Jyväskylä University, where he studied musicology, art education, philosophy and educational sciences. Sunell's Master degree was finished in 1999. Master thesis is an analysis of Jean Sibelius' Fourth Symphony.

Mr. Sunell has played in numerous jazz- and rock-bands. Among these bands has been high energy fusion group Larry Benson Ensemble (cd "Tuisku" 1994) and acoustic swing-folk-fusion group Van Swing.

Currently Sunell is teaching music and studying vocal music. Maybe there will be an improvising countertenor in future!

Selected recordings