Fiasko Records


CD Baby offers two minute clips of all pieces from the following albums:

Esa Pietilä Trio video clip

See the video of Esa Pietilä Trio, recorded at Jumo Jazz Club in Helsinki on October 30, 2003. This WMV video clip lasts 2:49 and features bassist Uffe Krokfors and drummer Markus Ketola.

Gnomus video clips

There are two Gnomus video (+audio) clips, both from a May 16th 2002 gig at Jazz Bar, Jyväskylä, Finland. These RealMedia clips are aimed for 256 Kbps or higher connections, so users with dialup, ISDN or other slower connections should download the file instead of streaming.

Clip A: This clip is from the end of the first set and features Kari playing spacy Moog theme to a surfin' 'Rated X' drum groove by Mika. Esa's guitar has morphed into a bass with a little help from an octave pedal.

Clip A
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Clip B: In this clip from the second set Kari provides the lower frequencies and 'accompaniment' on DX7, while Esa lets some infernal noise burst from his guitar.

Clip B
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