Cosmopolitan Sideshow


After the release tour of Six Acres of Broken Hearts Gourmet started replacing old pieces with new compositions. Two waltzes, ‘Parempi valssi’ and ‘Jämsä-valssi’ both entered the repertoire in July 2006 whereas ‘Voodoo Time in West Orange’ (originally titled ‘Banjovis’) and ‘Itämerirosvolaulu’ were introduced a few months later. In 2007-2009 Gourmet performed infrequently but two new pieces, ‘Ain’t Goin’ Back to Yuma’ and ‘Chine, 12 points! (Kiinalainen euroviisu)’ were performed at the 2009 edition of Helsinki Burlesque Festival.

The new setlists built around those six pieces were first road-tested on the second tour of Finland and the band’s third visit to France (Saint Nazaire) in February 2010. Fifteen tracks eventually ended up on the third Gourmet album titled Cosmopolitan Sideshow, recorded in April 2011 and released in November 2011 by Fiasko Records. The album received five-star reviews in Helsingin Sanomat and Soundi and was chosen as one of the best albums of the year by Hufvudstadsbladet. It was also nominated for the Emma Award in the Jazz Album of the Year category.

Review Highlights

“On these rough northern latitudes there is no finer chef with expertise in different cuisines than Gourmet … Frantic, unrestrained, extremely funny and very musical (5 out of 5 stars).” (Helsingin Sanomat)

“First you get hit by the extremely soulful relaxedness and atmospheric expressiveness of the sound. Then you realize that they – unlike many other top jazz players – can write real tunes with distinct characters. At the same time, however, the record specifically charms with the integrated whole… Something like The Skatalites meeting Dallapé under the supervision of Tom Waits (5 out of 5 stars).” (Soundi)

“One of the best albums of 2011.” (Hufvudstadsbladet)


1. Ain’t Goin’ Back to Yuma (Onttonen) (2:37)
2. Jormanuel(le) (Onttonen) (4:24)
3. Liechtenstein (Onttonen) (0:17)
4. Moorgeist und Marschmusik (Innanen) (3:53)
5. Itämerirosvolaulu (Onttonen) (4:36)
6. Chine, 12 points! (Kiinalainen euroviisu) (Innanen) (2:13)
7. Hindenburger Stomp (Innanen) (3:10)
8. Sugar Hill Serenade (Innanen) (4:43)
9. St. Nicholas Strut (Innanen) (2:42)
10. Parempi valssi (Onttonen) (2:41)
11. Vodka (Onttonen) (5:07)
12. The Continental (Innanen) (4:13)
13. Voodoo Time in West Orange (Onttonen) (3:38)
14. Goin’ Back to Yuma (Onttonen) (3:17)
15. Jämsä-valssi (Innanen-Onttonen, arr. Kujala) (1:49)
Total time: 49:30