Glamour & Decadence


Gourmet’s debut album Glamour & Decadence was the third release by Fiasko Records, a record label co-founded by Mikko Innanen, Esa Onttonen, Mika Kallio, and a handful of other musicians. It was recorded in May 2000 and spiced with some additional overdubs by Pete Korpela who nowadays is an in-demand percussionist based in Los Angeles. The recording started Gourmet’s collaboration with recording and mixing engineer Teemu Korpipää and artist Petra Innanen who would both work on Gourmet’s following releases as well.

In the 2001 critics poll organized by Finnish jazz magazine Jazzrytmit, Glamour & Decadence placed second in the Best Album of the Year category, losing only to an EMI-marketed Blue Note offering. It was also chosen as one of the five best Finnish jazz albums of 2001 by the Jazzradio show of the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

The album was heard by the legendary composer/producer/musician Otto Donner who instantly chose Gourmet as one of the jazz groups to be filmed for the Finnish Broadcasting Company. Few years later Aku Louhimies, an acclaimed director, used ‘Kebab ranskalaisilla’ in his 2006 film ‘Riisuttu mies’.

Review Highlights

“Glamour & Decadence perfectly describes the sardonic hybrid achieved by Gourmet, boasting accordion, heavy rock guitar and slide trombone within their line-up.” (Mojo)

“The plentiful eclecticism is the strength of this band.” (Jazz Podium)

“An eccentric and intoxicating brew… of blues, jazz, tango, rock, surf, noise and even Greek bouzouki music.” (All About Jazz)


1. There’s No Place Like The Old Place (Innanen) (5:20)
2. Monica (Innanen) (6:04)
3. Bela L (Onttonen) (3:44)
4. Motor-Up (Innanen) (2:45)
5. Ariel (Innanen) (4:11)
6. 1334 (Innanen) (2:34)
7. Tragedia (Onttonen) (6:21)
8. Kukka (Onttonen) (4:26)
9. Mihail & Katjuska (Onttonen) (2:59)
10. Kebab ranskalaisilla (Innanen) (3:44)
11. Lauluja tilaisuuksiin, osa 1 – uudet valtiot (Onttonen) (2:28)
12. Detroit (Innanen-Onttonen) (0:28)
13. Las Palmas (Innanen-Onttonen) (3:21)
14. Kaksin (Innanen) (1:52)
15. Thy Master (Onttonen) (4:11)
16. Kiduspoika Janus (Onttonen) (8:25)
Total time: 64:00