Six Acres of Broken Hearts


A 2004 release announcement by Fiasko Records wrote: “A culinary parallel to the exciting and delightful new sound of Gourmet could be a meal consisting of at least the following dishes: some spoonfuls of bortsch, a dose of mamma’s meatballs, a bowl of gumbo, chili beans wrapped up in tortillas and shaslik, served with all kinds of potatoes. It is highly recommended to flush it all down with a hefty cup of good old Tennessee bourbon. A cake as sweet as your true love’s lips and of the size of the Lone Star State goes well as the dessert. The coffee should be thick, black and mean.”

More focused than the preceeding album Glamour & Decadence, Six Acres of Broken Hearts was the launching pad for the new Gourmet – with Petri Keskitalo on tuba – and gathered rave reviews from critics and audiences alike.

Review Highlights

“One of the year’s best albums!” (Helsingin Sanomat)

“… a total killer of an album.” (Finnish Music Quarterly)

“Probably the most positive and funniest jazz record of the past year.” (Hufvudstadsbladet)

“… exceptionally colorful and successful recording.” (Koillis-Häme)


1. Flesh And Some Bone (Onttonen) (5:00)
2. Dead Man’s Valley (Innanen) (0:58)
3. That Swinging .45 (Innanen) (4:11)
The Dramatic Suite
4. The Seduction (Innanen) (7:15)
5. Fire! Smoke! Ashes! (Innanen) (5:48)
6. The Final Twist (Innanen) (3:39)
7. Ferry ‘Cross The Prairie (Onttonen) (4:22)
8. My Little Pony (Innanen) (0:19)
9. Everything Is Fine (Onttonen) (3:41)
10. I Shot Liberty Valance (Innanen-Onttonen) (3:46)
11. Fanfarria (Onttonen) (1:26)
12. La Balada de Camarillo Kid (Onttonen) (5:32)
13. Camaradas! (Onttonen) (4:27)
14. Epílogo (Onttonen) (1:24)
Total time: 51:56