Fiasko Records


October 30, 2002

Website changes

Fiasko Records website has gone thru several changes. The most important changes in descending order of importance are:

  • New layout and graphic design. The graphical elements and the layout have been designed by Teemu Saarinen and put together by Fiasko webmaster Esa Onttonen.
  • More scalable. The size of the main content area is not fixed anymore, so people with different screen resolutions can adjust the window size to fit their needs. The same thing applies to the font size as well, which is now adjustable from the browser.
  • New 8-item menu. The menu was moved from the top the to the left and went thru few changes. 'Catalogue' was renamed 'Records' and 'Guestbook' was dropped due to lack of the writers, while four new self-descriptive items were added to help navigating the site:
    1. Frontpage gets you back to the main page with the latest news and a brief list of upcoming gigs. The same thing can be achieved by clicking the "Fiasko Records" text in the top of the page.
    2. Audio/Video contains video clips and links to audio at
    3. Miscellaneous is a container for all miscellaneous stuff that wouldn't fit anywhere else.
    4. Press contains images for press and other media use.
    Language, sitemap and printing selections were also moved to the left just below the menu.
  • No more support for Netscape 4.x (or older) browsers. Old Netscape Navigator browsers have inadequate or bad support for many current WWW standards, especially CSS stylesheets which control the presentation of the web pages. If an user visits this site with a Netscape browser with version number smaller than 6.0, an upgrade recommendation will be shown at the top of the page, followed by a graphically limited version of the page.
  • No more opening windows. Previously all links outside would open a new window. This doesn't happen anymore. From now on the links that will leave are shown in boldface, like this (
  • URL language definition. The filenames have been changed slightly to make it easier to know the language of a document behind a link. The 2-letter language code such as 'en' (English) or 'fi' (Finnish) is now shown before the '.php' extension. The same language will be used for the menu, although it can be overriden by placing '?lang=xx' (where xx is either 'en' or 'fi') after the URL.

Less visible changes include:

  • New PHP code. All PHP libraries used by Fiasko website have been rewritten from scratch to make them more flexible for future updates.
  • New DOCTYPE. While the previous Fiasko website used HTML 4.01 Transitional DOCTYPE, the new website follows the XHTML 1.0 Strict definition.

The new Fiasko website works best with Internet Explorer 6 (or newer), Netscape 6 (or newer) or Mozilla 1.0 (or newer). Opera 6 is also fine, but currently not quite as good as the ones mentioned.