Gnomus Order

Catalogue ID: FRCD-1
Release date: September 28, 2000

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When Gnomus played in the Mikael Agricola church in Helsinki for the first time in October 1999, they discovered an environment which possessed excellent acoustics and ambience for improvised music with penchant for other-worldly overtones. Another concert in the same church was soon arranged to record this album, which has already become a small "cult classic" in the free improvisation and progressive music circles. The album contains five tracks with different characteristics that range from the quiet tonal austerity of Fungus dei to the devilish noise bursts in Stramenta mortifera.



2.Stramenta mortifera(Gnomus)(12:23)
3.Mennyt vain(Gnomus)(5:35)
4.Abramis brama(Gnomus)(9:51)
5.Fungus dei(Gnomus)(7:12)
Total time:47:07

Other information

Recording location: Mikael Agricola Church, Helsinki, Finland
Recording date(s): January 19-20, 2000
Produced by: Gnomus
Recording, mixing, editing and mastering: Miikka Huttunen
Original photo: Hanna Marjanen
Cover design: Teemu Saarinen

OAQ - Occasionally Asked Questions

Who's who in the cover?
Front cover (from left to right): Mika, Esa and Kari.
Why does the tray come off from the digipack?
The transparent tray comes off too easily due to a cd pressing plant based problem that appears in some of the cd's. However, the problem can be solved easily with glue as can be seen on ca. 200 copies of the cd, personally re-glued by Gnomus.
Is this CD going to be reissued?
As of this writing (January 25, 2004), no. Reissuing depends entirely on demand. If you want to see this CD reissued, please write to Fiasko Records.

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