Fiasko Records

Glamour & Decadence

Gourmet Order

Catalogue ID: FRCD-3
Release date: April 17, 2001

On Glamour & Decadence you will find Gourmet serving such a fine variety of musical dishes that your bellybutton will pop out as a result. And that is a good sign, indicating that you will be fully satisfied with Gourmet's tasteful (or tastefully tasteless, depending on your taste) offering, which ranges from the smash-your-horn-to-the-wall raucousness of Motor-Up to the delicate ballad delivery of Kaksin and Kukka, and almost everything in between. Jazz Podium once wrote that "plentiful eclecticism is the strength of this band" - it's hard argue with that one.

In the 2001 critics poll organized by Finnish jazz magazine Jazzrytmit, Glamour & Decadence placed second in the Best Album of the Year category, losing only to an EMI-marketed Blue Note offering. G & D was also chosen as one of the five best Finnish jazz albums of 2001 by the Jazzradio show of the Finnish Broadcasting Company. (To give some perspective, ca. 50 jazz albums were released in Finland that year).


Gourmet masterminds Mikko Innanen and Esa Onttonen are here joined with a stellar team of trombonist Ilmari Pohjola, accordionist Veli Kujala, bassist Janne Antikainen and drummer Mika Kallio, all top players of their respective instruments. The last description can be also applied to the now Los Angeles-based guest percussionist Petri Korpela, who shows impeccable creativity in his "first take" percussion work on this album.


1.There's No Place Like The Old Place(Innanen)(5:20)
3.Bela L(Onttonen)(3:44)
9.Mihail & Katjuska(Onttonen)(2:59)
10.Kebab ranskalaisilla(Innanen)(3:44)
11.Lauluja tilaisuuksiin, osa 1 - uudet valtiot(Onttonen)(2:28)
13.Las Palmas(Innanen-Onttonen)(3:21)
15.Thy Master(Onttonen)(4:11)
16.Kiduspoika Janus(Onttonen)(8:25)
Total time:64:00

Recording information

Recording location: Kallio-Kuninkala, Järvenpää, Finland
Recording date(s): May 29-30 and June 1, 2000
Produced by: Esa Onttonen and Mikko Innanen
Recording, mixing and editing: Teemu Korpipää
Mastered by: Rogi Renwall at DER, Tammisaari, Finland
Hair, make-up and photos: Petra Innanen
Cover design: Teemu Saarinen

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