Diagnosis (FRCD-29)



  Briushtuwa 1:56
Lumbago 6:56
Gout 5:25
Furunkel 4:03
Kolik 7:33
Rupia 2:32
Rakito 4:17
Pestis 3:46
Kreft 5:48

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Markku Veijonsuo at Varistoteles-Studiot, Vantaa, Finland. Cover design by Teemu Saarinen. Produced by Gnomus.

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"This new album, divided in logical sections, is like a soundtrack showing a new world. This might be their most adventurous release to date, using a rather groundbreaking talent, because with a seemingly irrationality of sound, they succeed in remaining logical with it, natural and extremely explorative."

- Psyche van het folk -

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