Diagnosis (TOTAL-4)



  19h04 - 19h52 47:16
19h53 - 20h14 20:30
20h16 - 20h23 6:31

Engineered by Jean Marc Brétècher. Recorded directly from the mixing desk to MiniDisc. Cover design by Teemu Saarinen. Produced by Gnomus.

LIMITED EDITION of 100 copies!

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Gnomus live in France! In late August 2005 Gnomus played at the Les Rendez-vous de l'Erdre festival in Nantes. The concert was captured directly from the mixing desk to MiniDisc and turned out to be so good that the band decided to release it on Fiasko Records new Total sub-label.

This limited edition CD-R is enclosed in an individually numbered color carton sleeve with a black print on the label. Therefore it's visually nearly impossible to distinguish this from a "real pressed CD".

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