This page discusses the philosophical and technical matters behind the implementation of the Fiasko Records website.


Fiasko Records website has been designed with the following goals in mind:


The website follows XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS recommendations.

Browser support

This website works best with Internet Explorer 6 (or newer), Mozilla 1.0 (or newer) or Netscape 7 (or newer) and it has been tested on following browsers (click the link to download):

Fiasko Records website doesn't support the use of Netscape 4.x anymore. The reason is simple: newer browsers are much better, and they render the web pages more or less uniformingly according to the W3C standards. However, it is still possible to use Netscape 4.x, but with serious mistakes in the layout.


Web presence has been a part of Fiasko Records strategy from the very beginning. In fact the domain was registered before the first album was even manufactured. After initial design and coding period the website was launched in August 2000.

The original layout (see below) which was used until January 14, 2002, was designed by Teemu Saarinen (also designer of Fiasko Records logo) and webmaster Esa Onttonen.

First website layout

Although the old layout had already used CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for most of the style issues, it became harder to maintain a constant look throughout the pages without a lot of manual work. A move to a new ISP in December 2001 changed the situation as it allowed the use of PHP files. Therefore the entire website was coded again in January 2002 to use PHP. For a brief period (January 14 - October 2002) the website looked like this:

Second website layout

In October 2002 an entirely new website was launched. Read announcement.