September 7, 2007

Gnomus releases "Diagnosis" on Fiasko Records

Gnomus, the improvising guitar-keyboards-drums trio from Helsinki, will release their new album "Diagnosis" on Fiasko Records in September 2007 (official release date: Sep 19). It is their fourth full-length album on the Finnish label, but whereas the three previous - "Gnomus" (2000), "II" (2004) and the limited edition "28 août 2005" (2005) - were live albums, "Diagnosis" is the first Gnomus album to have been recorded entirely in a studio.

In contrast to the long improvisations that are essential to the Gnomus live performances, the studio environment enabled the group to improvise shorter segments which would have sounded out of place or too fragmentary in a concert situation. The result is a collection of nine improvised tracks that feature sonic fantasies previously unheard on Gnomus albums (or concerts).

The CD will be available worldwide via CD Baby (, Record Office ( and various other retailers.


In the field of free improvised music Gnomus has developed an approach which is unique, captivating and full of surprises, even for the band. The electric instrumentation of keyboards, guitar and drums alone sets Gnomus apart from most other groups. However, it is the organic and controlled development of imaginative, even anarchistic ideas that make Gnomus a band that "again proves to be pushing at new frontiers and breaking them" (from a cd review in Audion magazine).

Since the Helsinki debut concert in December 1998 Gnomus has played dozens of improvised concerts in Finland, Germany and most notably in France, where the group has appeared at the Grenoble, Amiens and Nantes jazz festivals. Although Gnomus plays mainly as a trio, it has performed on few occasions with the Hammond organ genius Jukka Gustavson, and in Amiens with the string orchestra of the local conservatoire.