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Gourmet reviews

Finnish Music Quarterly

Glamour & Decadence already dived in the ocean of styles with reckless abandon priving Gourmet a truly modern band. For them jazz is more an attitude and a way of approaching music than a stylistic cage. Their second album offers further proof that the young sextet sells medicine to cure even the worst musical conservatives.

Inspired by Sitting Bull, Lucky Luke, sweet senoritas, spaghetti westerns, tequila, plastic guns and melodramatic endings, Gourmet re-invents jazz with sweat, guts and mucho hearty humour. You know their untrendy vision is original as they never once imitate Ennio Morricone, which would be the obvious thing to do. From the lovely cover art onwards 6 Acres of Broken Hearts is a seamless, mostly acoustic trip that produces movies in the listener's head. The compositions of Esa Onttonen (guitars, metal bucket) and the ubiquitous Mikko Innanen (saxes, birdsounds, whistle) are an intoxicating cocktail of old timey atmosphere and advanced structures. The gang, including Petri Keskitalo (tuba), Veli Kujala (accordion, bandoneon), Ilmari Pohjola (trombone, trumpet, whip) and Mika Kallio (drums, rattlesnakes), ride into the sunset with a total killer of an album.

Jussi Niemi