Gnomus: Gnomus
  • FRCD-1
  • CD (digipak)
  • Release date:
    September 28, 2000

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  1. Oymyakon (12:02)
  2. Stramenta mortifera (12:23)
  3. Mennyt vain (5:35)
  4. Abramis brama (9:51)
  5. Fungus dei (7:12)


  • Kari Ikonen - keyboard instruments
  • Mika Kallio - percussion instruments
  • Esa Onttonen - plucked string instruments

Produced by Gnomus.

Ⓟ© 2000 Gnomus


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Review Highlights

Gnomus are a trio whose eponymous debut combine ambient/improvised/prog/electro gestures into fantastical soundscapes.

- Mojo

An excellent progressive album... If you're into the "totally free improv" style of music, these guys are among the best I've ever heard. Recommended.

- New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

This is really incredible! Electronic music combined with contemporary avant garde in a progressive expression, within a pleasant sound. The building soundscapes are done with clear vision... Very recommended stuff.

- Psyche van het folk

... gloomy and experimental electric fresco... The visuality of the music ranges from imaginary, even historical bombast to the lyricism of the future... In its caricaturised lack of restraint the first piece is the most impressive and profiled cinemascope for ages.

- Helsingin Sanomat

Fiasko, a new record label founded by Finnish musicians, doesn't court the mainstreams with its releases. The improvisation-based electric music of Gnomus works as a fine opening for the label. Music which is created during the actual performance emphasizes both playing situations and skills of the players; keyboards and guitar pre-dominate on this debut album. The five-piece whole of the cd is based on a concert recorded at Agricola Church in Helsinki... The energetic whole is controlled and elegant; abstract is concrete and built tensions are image-arousing. Arresting and rewarding record.

- Aksentti

The moods of the anonymous debut-cd glide from more dreamlike floating (Oymyakon, Fungus dei) to more aggressive and scarier proclaiming (Stramenta mortifera) ... You can ramble thru the 45-minute sound voyage of Gnomus several times.

- Karjalainen

The group plays even ambient deliberately and without rushing - then attacking to cacophony via jazz... Despite the name of the record label: a welcome shock.


At their best Gnomus creates sickly sprained, nearly cinematic soundscapes, which can be easily used for imagining stories and emotions.

- Rumba