Delirium: Delirium
  • FRCD-11
  • CD (digipak)
  • Release date:
    February 25, 2002


  1. 1998 (5:26)
  2. 1334 (6:49)
  3. Ensin oli apina (6:53)
  4. Turku Boogie (5:22)
  5. Delirium tremens (2:56)
  6. Lux (7:55)
  7. Are We Finished? (7:04)


  • Mikko Innanen - soprano, alto and baritone saxophone
  • Kasper Tranberg - cornet, voice
  • Jonas Westergaard - double bass
  • Stefan Pasborg - drums

Produced by Innanen, Pasborg, Tranberg and Westergaard.

Ⓟ© 2002 Innanen, Pasborg, Tranberg, Westergaard


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Review Highlights

With Ornette Coleman in the backpocket, the quartet play themselves into an original universe. They paint intense pictures that are obscure and straight-ahead - as well as wild and lyrical. A fascinating musical journey with the new, young talents and their fresh view on tomorrow's jazz.

- Pierre Dorge

Delirium, A Finnish/Danish quartet, has rekindled the joy of creating improvisation-based music with a verve, power and humor sometimes lost in today's drive for "progress"... Delirium works like a late-night discussion between friends, where spirits are high and all ideas are encouraged and debated. We are privileged to have a chance to listen in.

- All About Jazz