Four weeks since the release of Gourmet’s new album En garde, the first batch of reviews are in.

Helsingin Sanomat, the largest daily newspaper in Finland, gives full five stars for the album and classifies Gourmet to “a class of its own”. ★★★★★, a jazz portal, describes that “Gourmet strikes like zillion volts” and also gives full five stars for the album. ★★★★★

Soundi, one of the oldest Finnish rock magazines writes: “The best features of the band are still glowing. Both saxophonist Innanen and guitarist Onttonen can write songs that you’ll remember and cause emotional reactions, not to mention visions.” ★★★★

Satakunnan kansa: “A food of high-class quality and appearance. That’s the dictionary definition of gourmet and the same applies to the music of Gourmet.” ★★★★

Hufvudstadsbladet, the leading Swedish newspaper in Finland, gives a track-by-track review of the album with the headline “grundsmakerna i god balans” – “primary flavors in a good balance”.

Jazzrytmit, “The Web Jazz Magazine in Finland” offers a colorful review of the album: “Pink Camel is on the loose!”

Jazzpossu, a jazz blog in Finnish sums it up: “the album is a jubilant listen”.

Valon kuvia, another Finnish jazz (and photography) blog adds the album to “The Choice of the Year 2018” list.

Salon seudun sanomat: “You can expect anything from this sextet – and they also do it! The best thing about the music of this group is its ease. Nothing feels forced.”