PLOP & JUNNU, the latest Fiasko Records release, has won the Emma Best Jazz Album of the Year award!

On the album, the collective of saxophonist Mikko Innanen, bassist Ville Herrala and drummer Joonas Riippa is enjoying the company of a true living legend of Finnish jazz, saxophonist and flautist Juhani “Junnu” Aaltonen.

This is the second Emma award for Fiasko Records: the previous one was awarded more than 20 years ago for Kari Ikonen for his Karikko album in 2002.


  • Mikko Innanen - alto, sopranino and baritone saxophone
  • Juhani Aaltonen - tenor saxophone and flute
  • Ville Herrala - double bass
  • Joonas Riippa - drums